Steppe Oak Woods and Pannonic Sand Steppes Conference

6-8 October 2011, Kecskemét, Hungary

We organise an international conference on LIFE projects “Conservation of Euro-siberian steppic woods and Pannonic sand steppes in ‘Nagykőrösi pusztai tölgyesek’ pSCI”, and “Conservation of the Pannon endemic Dianthus diutinus”.
The aim of the conference is to give an overview of the present conservation status of steppe woods in Middle and Eastern Europe. Special attention is paid to the most important threatening factors, including the effect of invasive plant and animal species, and the consequences of forestry and wildlife management. A practical aim of the conference is to enhance the exchange of experience of the researchers and trustees of various areas.

Deadline for registration as a speaker : 19 September 2011 (with abstract)

Deadline for registration as an attendant (with a poster also) : 26 September 2011 (with the plan of the poster)

Application form

Attending the conference is free, but registration is a prerequisite. Accommodation is provided for the attendants for a discount price of 3000 Ft/room/night (double rooms, in which you can stay alone or with someone).

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