Categories: Environmental education
      Date: May 15, 2009
     Title: Apply to our summer camps

Summer is approaching quickly, therefore it is time to think about summer camps. Write a poem, an essay or draw a painting of an oak tree or the oak woods. Send it to our address till 10 June and you can join us in our summer camps.

Apply to our summer camps!

Are you interested in the nature?

Would you like to know more about the oak woods of Nagykőrös?

Would you fancy the excitement of the field-work?

Do you like hiking?

Then you belong to us!

What do you have to do?

Prepare a short application paper!
- Search on the internet!
- Visit the local library!
- Have a look through your book shelves! 

Read everything that you find about the oak tree, the oak woods or the steppe oak woods! Write an essay, poem or draw a painting!

Send it to the address below:

Zöld-Pont Iroda
2750, Nagykőrös
Kálvin tér 6.

Till 10 June 2009

The date of our Nature camps:

- Marci Makk tent camp:
                             29 June – 3 July
                             6 July- 10 July
In tents, own sleeping bag required
Meal 5 times per day
                             Price: 6000 – 7000 Ft
Participants: the students of the region
Age: 10-15 year-olds

- Erdei Kuckó nature camp:
                              13 July – 17 July
Individual travelling to and from camp everyday
Lunch included 
                              Price: 3000-4000 Ft
Participants: the local students of Nagykőrös
Age: 10-15 year-olds

Activities: nature trail, sign-trees, animal and plant knowledge in practise, archery, handicraft, practical preserving jobs