Shepherd the game out

We rely on the help of volunteers on 12th February, when we will shepherd out the animals from the fenced woods compartment. Apply, if you’d like to help!

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Last year the game fences reached completion in the project area, encircling a huge 100-hectar site, and some smaller parts of the best conserved steppe oak woods. The aim of these fences are to lock out the fallow-deer, deer and boar from these areas, to investigate how does the natural restoring ability of the wood develop, without the problematic effects of the game presence. We trust that the natural renewal process will extend, and the oak saplings will appear and then become young oaks once.

On 12th February the colleagues of Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park Directorate and the volunteers of WWF Hungary are sheperding out the fallow-deer and deer from the Csókás wood’s fenced parts together. If you would like to help saving nature by participating in this action, apply on this address: klara.kerpely@wwf.hu.

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