Fences in project area finished

In the middle of May, the game-exclusion fences, also with the placement of the electric fences, have been completed in the oak woods of Nagykőrös

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The fences, firstly, will protect the oak and poplar saplings, planted in the autumn and spring, from the chewing of the excessive game population (fallow-deer, roe deer, wild boar).
On the other hand, with the fencing of the oak woods in good state, we would like to give an opportunity to the nature to renew itself (from acorn into growing oak trees) for future survival.
One of the aims of the game exclusion experiment is to examine how relevant is the influence of game chewing in the difficult process of the renewal of the steppe oak woods.

We have located several guide-posts, so tourists, foresters and hunters can be informed of the purpose of the fences and of the LIFE project itself.

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