Sunny Nagykőrös Days

Sun was very gracious this year again for the Nagykőrös Days, a long-time heat record broke this weekend. The Cifrakert shady trees and the different drinks affably cooled down the visitors. The Pálfája Education Center debuted in this event organized by Arany János Cultural Center and Nagykőrös Localpatriot Association on 6-7 of September.

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Our stand in Podium Tent was relatively far from the busy fair but the crafted visitors – chiefly children – found us. The pig in a poke, bird colouring, crop identifying, puzzles, the successful „bug eye” from last year and the forest treasure box attracted many visitors’ attention, same as last year. Some of the visitors recognized the study trail guiding booklet (I’ve been there!), others cheered to the great capricorn beetle, Oh yes, we’d seen this in the forrest!

It was fun to play with you, visit us in Pálfája Education Center, too!


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