Film shooting in the oak woods of Nagykőrös

The next autumn episode of the Hungarian Television’s Natura series were shooted on June 24-25 in the steppe oak woods in Nagykőrös.

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The monumental oak methuselahs, the blooming long-lasting pink, the beautiful late carnation „bushes”, the great capricorn beetle found during the entomological surveys caused huge experience not only for us but for the shooting team too. In spite of the extremely hot wether both shooting day felt very good. The nightingale, the golden oriole, the mavis and the forest chaffinch were singing, and often Károly Gyenes director-editor started to sing too, with Vilmos Gryllus’ tunes.
The programme is foreseen to be broadcast in September as part of the montly Natura series on Saturdays.

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    Nagykőrösi Önkormányzat
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