„Forest on the steppe” children drawing competition for Earth Day

We invite 6-14 year old children to enter „Forest on the steppe” drawing competition to decorate jointly the Pálfája Education Center opening this summer. The competition is nationwide, the pieces of art can be posted until the Earth Day, April 22 to the mailig address of WWF Hungary. The best drawings will be exhibited in the Education Center and awarded with books and other prizes.

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„Forest on the steppe” drawing competition call

The competition aims to make the decoration for the forest Education Centre involving the interested children. The best drawings will adorn the Pálfája Education Center in Nagykőrös, opening this June, but they will be published on our website too. Apart from this it is important to draw the next generation’s attention to the value of forests, their rich wildlife and the importance of conservation of natural resources in their early childhood.

The theme of the competition is the one flora and fauna of the time natural woods of the Great Hungarian Plain, the values of nature and the importance of conservation. We welcome wroks where the candidates visualise their own conceptions about nature, mainly the oak woods evolved on sand, their own experience with their sisters, brothers, parents or other family members, their expectations and dreams of the forests on the Hungarian Plain.

For more information contact:

Klara Kerpely, project-coordinator
Tel: +36-1-214-5554 ext.105
E-mail: info@pusztaitolgyesek.hu

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