The boars and their fellows

This weekend terminates the game monitoring – a systematic survey of game presence – in the oak woods of Nagykőrös. It will provide the needed data about the number of deers, fallow-deers and boars for the implementation of the conservation actions.

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In the framework of game monitoring 5 selected itineraries were surveyed 20 times by a specialist, György Verő, many times accompanied by our colleague, István Justin, in order to collect data about the number and presence of deers and also fallow-deers, which has become quite abundant, in spite it is not a native species in the area. The observation walks has been fruitful, as it is clearly visible and detectable that there are lots of fallow-deers and deers in the woods and in its environs. It seems to be proved that the stock of ungulate herbivores in the oak woods exceeds the number of animals that could be continuously sustained by the area without damage.
Earlier we also have noticed in the woods few-year-old seedlings, which remain small, like a a shrub; foresters just call „bonsai” these victims of the greediness of large game. If the deers and fallow-deers repeatedly gnaw the new offsets of the seedlings the trees cannot grow up, become bonsai-like, and therefore in absence of natural regeneration the forest grow old without renewal.
The boars have only been noticed by their tracks so far, so as part of the game monitoring, one of our colleagues passed a few nights up in a shooting lodge to observe them. The never-seen-before boars appeared the first night in a group of 6-8 animals. They had nothing to be afraid of this time, in spite the rangers do have a shooting-gun among their official equipments.
The survey of the game stock will provide a basis for the game exclusion experiment, an important part of the LIFE project. Read more about the experiment here >>

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