We placed the public information boards of Nagykőrös Steppe Oak Woods LIFE Project

At Kálvin square (market-place) and in the well-known Pálfája wood we erected the information boards of LIFE-Nature project. Visit these places and read about the nature conservation activities of the next five years in the Nagykőrös forest!

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On 22 March 2007 the representatives of Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate, Municipality of Nagykőrös and WWF Hungary inaugurated the information boards of the EU financed LIFE-Nature project in Nagykőrös at Kálvin square (market-place) and at the favourite excursion area of the locals, the Pálfája wood. Pálfája is part of the LIFE Project’s target areas. The school camp located at Pálfája will give place – after a full renovation – for numerous environmental education programmes in the future.

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