Press excursion in the Steppe Oak Woods

On 8 May we organise an excursion and press conference for the national and local representatives of the media in the Nagykőrös Steppe Oak Woods. Join us, and we will show you how the Great Hungarian Plain looked like in the time of the Settlement of the Magyars in Hungary!

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If you join us, you will get answers to the following questions: What was the landscape like, which captured the attention of our ancestors? How can we preserve these minor spots of our history? How will the climate change affect our woods?

Programme of the press excursion:

8.00 starting from Budapest by bus. Meeting point: parking place at Budapest-Népliget coach station
10.00 press conference in Nagykőrös, at the 450-year old oak, Pálfája, with the attendance of András Füri, director of Duna-Ipoly National Park, Ferenc Márkus, director of WWF Hungary and Szabolcs Czira, PhD, mayor of Nagykőrös
10.45 field excursion ,with presentation of archers from the age of the Settlement of the Magyars in Hungary
13.00 Lunch in Cifra-csárda
14.00 departure to Budapest
15.30 arrival in Budapest

If you are willing to participate please indicate your interest to Mónika Kiss, phone number: (1) 214-5554/1115 (office), 06-30-250-5869 (mobile), or at: monika.kiss@wwf.hu, the latest by 7 May.

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