Visit of the external inspection team of the European Commission

Jan Sliva, the appointed member for the Steppe Oak Woods of Nagykőrös LIFE project of the Commission’s external monitoring team, visited the project area in the end of April.

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On 25 April 2007 the European Commission – represented by Jan Sliva (Astrale-GEIE group) –visited our project for the first time. The tasks of an external monitor are to follow the progress of the project at its location at least once a year during the term of the LIFE project ; assess the administration and to make suggestions about project management. The heads and representatives of the beneficiary, as well as its partners participated in the programme of the visit. In the morning we presented our project results in the Zöld-Pont (Green Spot) Office, that was followed by an afternoon field visit in the Steppe Oak Woods. Mr Sliva expressed his satisfaction with our project and wished us successful work in the future.

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