Advisory Board for the LIFE Project

The Green-Spot (Zöld-Pont) Office in Nagykőrös, which was opened for the occasion of the Day of Birds and Trees, started its operation with the session of the Advisory Board of the LIFE Project.

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The Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate has appointed the Council of the National Park to carry out the advisory tasks. Annamária Csóka informed the attendees about the activities of Nagykőrös LIFE Project. At the inaugural session the Board has laid down its responsibilities, according to which it will assist the project by assessing the habitat management works as well as working out a long term management plan.

Members of the Advisory Board:
Gábor Fekete, Prof., PhD botanist, academician, supervisor of the Advisory Board
Mrs Szabó, Ágnes Susa , Biology teacher, cultural manager
György Csóka, PhD, forester
Tibor Csörgő, PhD, ecologist
Szabolcs Leél-Őssy, PhD, geologist
Balázs Ormos forester
Tamás Rácz, PhD, landscape designer
Zoltán Remiczky, Mayor

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