"Geocachers " in Pálfája wood

It seems that the passionate followers of geocaching, the geocachers have recently discovered the beauty of the Nagykőrös oak woods. Thanks to the multi geocache hidden near Pálfája more and more hikers with GPS visit one of the most interesting woods of the Great Plain.

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“The forest was amazing, we were wandering for a while listening to the evening concert of the birds when we finally managed to find the hidden cache” – comments Judit and Krisztián at www.geocaching.hu. Reading through the reports of cache finders it is no doubt that Judit and Krisztián’s opinion is quite typical.
The popularity of the place makes us happy on one hand; however, our happiness is filled with worries when we read in the forum that many geo-cachers complain about the long-continued search until finding the hidden cache due to the dense foliage. “We were trying to find our way in the forest for half an hour, looking under every single tree at least in a 50 meter wide circle and we didn’t succeed.” – comments Feri in the forum. “In my opinion in a forest of such density the location of the tree should be defined more properly, and it is unnecessary to hide it in the dense forest.” – he added.
We deeply agree with Feri, so we would like to ask the hikers - whether they are into geo-caching or not – not to disturb the understorey of the forest. The uniqueness of the steppe oak woods is not only due to the trees. At each storey of the wood – under and middle storey – the habitat is made up of unique associations that in this composition are only found in the world in the Carpathian Basin. We have to protect and preserve them!
Thank you and we wish you pleasant hiking and searching!

Professionals and laymen wishing to preserve the natural values of the area

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