Opening the season in the Pálfája

On the 15th March we opened the season with a nature trail tour in the bright sunshine. Visitors arrived from all over the country to see the traces of spring on the winter face of the oak woods.

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We walked along the study trail and through the project site. First we looked around in the Educational Centre and had a talk about environmental education and the highlighted role of the new generations in saving nature.
Then we had the chance to visit the forestry works: the best oak forests fenced off to keep the game out, and then one of the afforestation sites, where alien invasive species were replaced by native saplings.
Participants showed intensive interest for the wildlife of the woods and expressed their regrets for not having visited the forest for long-long years.
At the end we have said goodbye but also see you again on the 1st of May at the Lily of the Valley Tour.

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